Appalachian Jamwich, which presents The Mad Tea Party Jam, exists to support and uplift the musical and artistic talent in the jam scene.  In accordance with this mission, we are creating the JAMMA Scholarship Fund, which stands for Jamming for Appalachian Multi Media Artists.

We want to encourage talented young people to pursue a career in music and arts.  With so many music and art programs being cut in schools, and the pressure on students to “get a job”, those who excel in the arts need our belief and support more than ever.  We want kids to know that they can have a successful career in the arts and their passion and talents are important to today’s society.

We would choose two students each year to receive the JAMMA scholarship: one pursuing a career in visual arts, and one pursuing a career in music.  Each would receive $1000 to go towards their tuition costs.

There are legal fees involved in creating this non-profit as well as the actual scholarship money itself.  We are trying to raise money in order to create this vital resource for our talented Appalachian students.  Please help us make JAMMA a reality by donating towards the cause, buying a ticket to The Mad Tea Party Jam, and taking part in raffles and fundraisers we will be having at the festival.  If you are a business and would like to sponsor or advertise with The Mad Tea Party Jam in order to help us in our goal and cultivate your own community, this cost is tax-deductible.

With your help, we can continue building a beautiful community of art and music.

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